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Mission Statement
"Our mission is to integrate the efforts of researchers, practitioners and healthcare professionals to provide awareness and access to education, resources, programs and services that will empower older adults to achieve optimum health in the six dimensions of wellness."

A commitment to improve the lives of older adults.

Twenty years ago Keiser Corporation introduced pneumatic resistance technology. At the time, few realized the important role this technology would play in the quality of life of older adults. The introduction of less stressful, more easily controlled fitness equipment enabled even the frail elderly to participate in landmark exercise and aging research like the Tufts University study that NBC news called "one of the most important medical discoveries ever about how to treat elderly people". This research forever altered the way aging is perceived.

Put years of major research into daily practice.
Research has proven that exercise and wellness programs can greatly improve the quality of life of older adults. For example, strength training can actually reverse the declines in functional ability associated with aging. Many senior housing programs and services, however, don't offer strength training and many healthcare and medical professionals and fitness leaders are unable to prescribe age-appropriate exercise programs. Even those who receive the findings aren't sure how or if the research can be used in related fields or in real world situations. This is just one example of valuable research sitting idle. There are many others.

Sharing information and communicating ideas is an efficient, enlightening way to gain knowledge. The Keiser Institute on Aging creates an effective way to disseminate research information to diverse professionals in fields relating to aging and health.

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