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• No shock loading to connective tissues and joints.
  • • The ability to change resistance at any time.
  • • A consistent variable resistance curve at any training speed.
  • • Offers privacy of workload.
  • • Fingertip control.
  • • Resistance changeable at 1/10 pound increments on Infinity Series
  • • Large Digital display/Counts repetitions.
  • • Equipment of choice in over 70 peer-reviewed research studies on strength training.

The Advantages of Keiser Pneumatic Resistance for Older Adults.

Over the past decade there has been extensive research proving that physical activity and exercise can improve the functional ability and quality of life of older adults. In the June 1998 issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine published a comprehensive position stand outlining the benefits of exercise for older adults. In this document, the authors conclude that without a doubt, participation in a regular exercise program is an effective intervention to reduce/prevent a number of functional declines associated with aging.

Specifically, they note that older adults respond and adapt to both endurance and strength training in largely the same way as younger adults. Endurance training helps maintain and improve various aspects of cardiovascular function and helps reduce risk factors for numerous chronic diseases. Progressive resistance strength training reverses the loss of muscle mass and strength typically associated with aging, improves bone density and mass, and also reduces risk factors for numerous chronic diseases. Even more exciting is proof that strength training is safe for even the frailest older adults.

Additional benefits from regular exercise include increased flexibility and range of motion, improved postural stability, effective weight control, and reduced risks for falls. Evidence also suggests that regular exercise can provide psychological benefits related to preserved cognitive function, reduced symptoms of depression, and improved concept of personal control and self-efficacy.

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